Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPhone, you phone, we all own some kind of smart phone...

When I first held an iPhone in my hands the action felt very familiar. Was what I held in my hands a revolutionary phone that allowed my fingers to do the talking? Was it something I would have to adjust to? If I planted it, would it grow more iPhones?

As I inspected it, my fingers said, "Hey yo, we're having a flashback." Yes, my fingers speak like Tony Danza. 

My hands remember a time when such a device had another purpose. A purpose so awesome that kids all over the world spent hours with it, ignoring things such as productivity and sunshine. What device am I talking about?
Beep. Boop. Beep.
Game Boy of course.

My Game Boy went with me everywhere. I played Mario while I waited in the Orthodontist's office. Sailed through Disney's Aladdin when I should have been doing homework. Weeping while I gave Zelda the old college try.

So when the iPhone showed up, I saw it for its most useful purpose. Gaming. Beautiful, addictive, time-wasting gaming. 

As we all know, the popularity of iPhone applications has pretty much exploded in the last couple years. Being already pre-disposed to obsess over games on tiny screens with simple controls, I have downloaded my fair share of apps. Here are my current top three:

3.) Rock Band

For any of you who have enjoyed the full fledged game on your game system of choice, this Rock Band app is a cute companion. For those of you, like myself, who have no guitar strumming coordination or kick pedal timing this version makes you feel like a rock star. 

Perhaps you're asking, "Kelly, how do I know if I can be successful in this Rock Band app?" To you I say: put your hand on a flat surface. Now tap your fingers. Did you tap successfully? Congrats, rock star.

2.) Angry Birds

It might be because it is simple physics combined with birds and mustachioed pigs but this game is just plain addictive. You fling the birds in a slingshot and attempt to destroy the hungry pigs that have stolen the bird eggs. Simple concept. Simple fun.

Plus, the look on the faces of the pigs when you fail makes me want bacon.

1.) Plants Vs. Zombies

There aren't words for how habit-forming this particular app is, but I'll give it a try. Again, the premise is simple. The Zombies are attacking and your garden is all that stands between you and them. They think your brains are tasty and are relentless in their pursuit.

Some zombies are football players. Some are disco dancers. Some wear safety cones on their heads. 

When you beat the first round of the game there is a music video awaiting you that is a proper conclusion to one of the best apps available.